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Dieng private tour. ABHISEKATOUR provide Dieng Plateau Tour package for 3D2N to explore nice Dieng Plateau area including 2 sunrise moments. We will pick you up at Yogyakarta or Semarang, bring you to Dieng Plateau for Dieng Plateau Tour and send you back to Semarang or Yogyakarta. Dieng Plateau was the high land 2.000 ASL and have many nice places to enjoy the view panorama, cool weather, many lakes, plantations.
dieng plateau tour
dieng plateau tour - sikunir sunrise
dieng plateau tour
dieng plateau tour - sikunir spot sunrise
Dieng Plateau tour. Dieng plateau have 2 nice places to catch sunrise, at Sikunir Hill and at Mt,Prau. We design dieng plateau tour itinerary with cover those 2 sunrise places. Sikunir Hill sunrise located 30 mins drive up from dieng plateau, pass the highest village in Java Island name Sembungan Village. Sunrise at Sikunir Hill start from Dieng Plateau at 4 AM, and just need walk up around 30-40 minutes to reach spot photo of sunrise at Sikunir Hill.

dieng plateau tour
dieng plateau tour - mount.Prau
Dieng Plateau tour. After finish Sikunir Sunrise then you will do tour at Sikidang crater, and Color Lake view before back to your homestay/hotel. Next day, at 2 AM you will do treking Mt.Prau 2 hours also to catch sunrise with different phanorama view. Mount.Prau sunrise treking will finish around 9-10 AM and we deliver you to Yogyakarta or Semarang back.

dieng plateau tour
at Mt.Prau
Dieng Plateau tour. Finally, we create Dieng Plateau Tour Package with 2 sunrise moments. Dieng plateau tour package minimum member of group 2 person, but will more efficient if you are (at least) 4 person or more. The dieng plateau tour package itinerary :

DAY 1st
Start from Yogyakarta City or Semarang city
Drive to Dieng around 4 hours
Homestay check in at Dieng Plateau
End tour

DAY 2nd
Start 4 AM
Sikunir sunrise
Color Lake view
Sikidang crater
Arjuna Temple complex
Homestay, end tour

DAY 3rd
Start 2 AM
Treking Mount.Prau
Back to homestay 10 AM
Deliver back to Yogyakarta city or Semarang city
End tour


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