Sunday, June 20, 2021


Karimunjawa tour. ABHISEKATOUR provide the karimunjawa tour to make your holidays in Indonesia more complitely and memorable. Travel to Karimunjawa island will get very nice snorkeling activity, beach for relaxing, and others like sunset moment at Karimunjawa or sunrise moment at Karimunjawa.

Karimunjawa Island Tour

Travel to Karimunjawa. Visit Karimunjawa island can start from Jepara Port and use fastboat or ferry. Fastboat karimunjawa will takes around 2 hours, and ferry to Karimunjawa will takes 4.5 hours (depend on the waves). Travel to Karimunjawa ideal at May - September, more sunny day, and good waves. Regarding the beauty island, travel to Karimunjawa will spend time 3 days or 4 days depend on your needed.

Ferry to Karimunjawa Island

Travel to Karimunjawa. ABHISEKATOUR make several karimunjawa excellent tour package for you so you just enjoy the tour at Karimunjawa. Karimunjawa tour package by ABHISEKATOUR will take you to nice places at Karimunjawa that will give you kind memorable tour. ABHISEKATOUR served your tour better because we already have branch office tour at other city like Yogyakarta TourBromo and Ijen tours, Malang tours, Bali tour, Lombok toursLabuan Bajo Komodo tour, and Medan tour.

Abhisekatour Karimunjawa
Preparing for snorkeling

Abhisekatour Karimunjawa
Snorkeling Day at Karimunjawa Island

Travel to Karimunjawa. Our Karimunjawa Excellent Tour Package designed to accomadate for snorkeling or diving activity day, ground tour using private car or motorbike, massage, village tour at Karimunjawa fisherman village, panoramic photo spot for romantic moments. So we will make sure that your travel to Karimunjawa really handled with right tour company with good tour quality services by choosing Abhisekatour. 

Abhisekatour Karimunjawa
Karimunjawa Tour

Karimunjawa tour. With our long and kind expertise at tour business, please don't be hesitate to contact us for your Karimunjawa Tour by fill the CONTACT FORM above or send us your text into whatsapp +6281329478187, wechatt ID +6281329478187.


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