Sunday, March 12, 2023


Abhisekatour Bali served Bali Motorbike Rental for your own transport during visiting Bali, Indonesia. Bali motorbike rental will help you to avoid the traffic and faster time reach, as well as you want to, definitely you used to ride motorbike. Bali motorbike rental from Abhisekatour using good condition automatic motor bike (scooter matic) so you all will ride easily, and control break from your fingers.

Bali motorbike Rental. Even we give you an option to use bali motorbike rental, we also still offer you to use car/van for your Bali Tours with our Bali Tour Driver. The trip would be more convenience regarding weather, more save, no dusty, and you can sit inside the car enjoy your rest.

Bali Motor Bike Rental - Type B

Bali Motor Bike Rental - Type A

Bali motorbike rental. We have 2 kind of scooter matic for bali motorbike rental, the first one scooter matic type A that properly using by common body size or smaller like Honda Beact or Scoopy then type B that proper for above average body size people like Yamaha NMax. You just mention the type while you book us for Bali motorbike rental as well. Bali motorbike rental also give you compliment 2 helmet for driver and your friend behind and you will give back to us after end of your bali motorbike rental.

Bali motorbike rental. Our motorbike can rent daily, weekly with affordable price. Abhisekatour Bali will send your order of Bali motorbike rental into your hotel in Bali as soonest we can regarding the distance and our stock. So, we strongly recommend that you book bali motorbike rental at least a day before using so we can sett our motorbike properly.

Bali motorbike rental Abhisekatour order can use your whatsapp or wechatt into our number +6281329478187. Please mention your full name, your hotel, and amount of bali motorbike rental that you want to use. Payment we accept cash (IDR/USD/AUD/EURO) or using E-Money (credit card - for minimum 2 days rent & add bank charge 3%). Other term and condition of Bali motorbike rental will mention in our papers when we sent to your hotel.

Abhisekatour also have another tour outside Bali, like Ijen Crater Tours from Bali, Mount Bromo sunrise tours. You may follow those tour program event you stay in Bali Island. Please don't hesitate to soonest contact us.